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Curriculum Vitae

February 2023 - Present

Research Associate

Research Associate at the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI)

October 2021 - February 2023

Post-doctoral Associate

Learning Informatics Lab, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Project 1. Re-envisioning a K-12 Early Warning System with School Climate Factors

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) prescribes holistic measures of schools for student success and well-being. However, many early warning systems rely exclusively on the “Attendance, Behavior, Course” (ABC) taxonomy, which misses potentially crucial determinants such as school climate and students’ socioemotional learning. We report early findings from a larger project that aims to apply machine learning methods to improve an early warning system by incorporating factors related to school climate and socioemotional learning. These preliminary analyses suggest that a culturally inclusive, socially supportive, and emotionally and physically safe school climate is related to academic success and fewer engagement/behavior problems at the school level. They suggest the promise of integrating these features into early warning systems to help schools change their practices to better support student well-being.

Project 2. Situating school-wide social, emotional, and academic Learning in Finland and the United States

In September 2021, the Census U.S. Bureaus’ Current Population Survey reports the size of foreign-born migrants has increased in the U.S. Migrant children face more challenges due to linguistic, cultural, and economic barriers. The project will inform how family and school-wide SEL approaches may help immigrant children's interaction and development in U.S. and Finnish high schools. 

Project 3. Effects of teacher- and school-related ICT factors on K-12 teachers' information and  communication technology (ICT) use

To address the questions on the impact of school- and teacher-level ICT resources, environment, and related experiences on teachers' CT use for teaching practices in class, the ongoing project builds a hierarchical linear model (HLM) to examine teacher and school effects using a large-scale, international assessment. The proposed results will help to understand how to learn and teach effectively in a digitalized, dynamic learning environment. 

2020 - 2021

Graduate Assistant/researcher

Graduate School of Education, SUNY University at Buffalo

Project 1: Academic and Sociocultural Readiness for Postgraduate Education among Immigrant and International Students: Promoting Equal Access and Success in Graduate/Professional Schools

Project 2: Reassessing School Effectiveness: Multi-objective Value-added Measures (MOVAM) of Academic and Socioemotional Learning

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